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4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a key tool for attracting and engaging with your audience.

There are over 30 million company pages on LinkedIn. Needless to say, if your business does not have a company page you are missing out on huge B2B marketing opportunities. But with that sheer volume, having a page simply is not enough. You need to have something ‘extra’ to break through the clutter and stand out.

Rich Media Video is the future.

It is believed that close to 80% of web traffic is driven by video. That is why it is great news that LinkedIn offers native video for company pages. It removes the hassle of sharing content via third-party apps like YouTube or Facebook. In fact, LinkedIn found that company page videos are five times more likely to spark conversation among members.

Adding original, vibrant images can also boost your page’s appeal. It is a great excuse to take some in-office pictures to show off your facilities and company culture. To make your page even more visually compelling, you can include an attractive header image and change it every six months or so. Header/Banner images are a great means to promote campaigns and products or announce anything new your company is up to.

Shorten Your Updates

When posting updates, LinkedIn recommends keeping them as short as possible. 150 characters or less to be exact. With little room to talk, you cannot babble, so being concise, relevant, interesting and engaging is a must. Try to ask a thought-provoking question or spark a debate about the newest trends and insights in your industry.

Use the 4-1-1 Rule

In a nutshell, the 4-1-1 rule states that if you share an original piece of content (about yourself or your company), you must share an update from another source and four other pieces of content written by other people. The rule keeps your feed diverse and ensures that the focus remains on your audience’s interests as opposed to it being a bulletin board for all your company news.

Create a showcase page

Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page. They allow you to single out a specific brand, business unit or project and tailor your message to a particular niche within your target audience. It is a great tool if your company has a number of unique product offerings aimed at varying audience demographics.

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