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5 things you need to be doing to convert traffic into sales

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Much of the talk in the world of online marketing is about drawing readers to your site. But that’s only the first part of the process. Your focus should really be on making sure that, once readers come to your site, they become paying customers.

The principles that drive conversions in online business are not much different to those in brick and mortar retail spaces. It’s all about your product, how you package it, your prices, your service and the environment. If a customer walks into a well laid out and designed shop, is met by competent and helpful staff, and finds good value for money, he/she is likely to make a purchase. In the online space, the same principles apply. Consider these five important actions to convert site visits to sales.

Make your USP unmissable from the first click

You can’t give visitors time to look around the site, not find what they need and move on – because they will in less than half a minute. From the moment they enter your site, if it is not already apparent from the social media post or email they clicked through from, your USP must be obvious and unmissable. Spell it out. Be classy and clever but never subtle.

Engage your visitors

Don’t just offer information passively – invite readers to interact with you and your product. Offer a tester of your product and ask for feedback. Keep them thinking about the product and engaging with it.

Avoid clutter and give your clients breathing space

Cut down on the text and make good use of white space. Offer only the essential information and allow your customers the space to make their decisions.

Add value

Everyone loves a bargain. You don’t have a live salesperson on your website to upsell and/ or haggle with your clients, so you have to let the website itself do that work for you. In addition to your central USP, offer add-ins, complementary products and packages deals. Always put a time limit on those to encourage the purchase.

Maintain a relationship after the sale

From a “thank you” mail to follow-up offers, continued post-sale communication with your customers are always a good idea (unless they say otherwise, of course). Show your appreciation and they will likely return the favor.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

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As if we didn’t already think Internet Marketing was an ever-changing landscape, the reality of new realities is upon us. Augmented and Virtual Realities are two of the hottest innovations in the world of user interaction with the web.

Augment Reality is that place we go to merge our fantasies with the real world. It is the combination of the actual space in which you live with computer-generated imagery, sounds, and activities. For those in tune with films, you have early examples of augmented reality in films like Anchors Away (with Gene Kelly dancing with an animated Jerry, the mouse), Mary Poppins (cartoon birds and sheep supplement the songs performed by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke), and of course every CGI enhanced movie of the last 2 decades. The obvious examples in today’s world include the recent phenomenon of Pokemon Go, where users play interactively with their smart devices, chasing CGI characters across real streets and landscapes.

Virtual Reality translates the augmentation from simply visual to psychological. The reality created in the VR world replaces the real world with a 3 dimensional (and quite frankly 4D) “world”. Whether an actual Earth-bound location into which the user of VR is thrown, or a completely fictional place where the VR viewer is transported, the experience is the same – you feel yourself removed from your physical location into the new world.

The challenge for Internet Marketers in utilizing these new realities is how to best play WITH the user’s experience, instead of interrupting it. Because one thing that years of 2 dimensional Internet advertising has shown; you will lose your audience if the user experience they desire is muddled, confused, or hampered by your advertising. Native content is the direct result of learning that interruptive popup content might work for some, but for the most part it turned off users more than converted them to sales. The same can be said for the use of display advertising in lieu of banner ads and other in-your-face web ads.

So Internet Marketers are going to have to work directly with the geeks and artists who generate the augmented and virtual worlds of these new realities. Creatives were always a byproduct of advertising goals – the artists and copywriters worked behind the lead of the ad creators. The coming age of advertising within augmented and virtual worlds will require teams of designers, coders, and marketers to produce materials that are both playful and engaging.

It is the reality of new realities.

Your Online Reputation

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Online Reputation Management

We’ll start this intro with a quote:
“Don’t worry about your reputation, worry about your character. You see, reputation is what people think you are. Character is what you really are.” – Author unknown.
This is nice. But Google doesn’t see character – it see’s unflattering posts on Hello Peter and it ranks Twitter #brandfails higher up on search engine results than your website’s About Us page. So how can online reputation management help you?

Who’s listening to your online brand?

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective methods of advertising, but today this happens online. People learn about new products, services and companies through consumer generated content and not necessarily from the information you are pushing out into the internet.
Contrary to popular belief, online reputation management isn’t only about steamrolling negative comments, Tweets or posts on the internet. It starts with listening to the online conversation around your brand, understanding what people are saying and why, and finally interacting with your online community to mitigate the damage to your brand. This sounds simple – but it’s takes a lot of dedicating “online listening” and engagement.
WSI’s online reputation management consultants will take an active role in monitoring what’s being said about you online. We will also have an action plan in place to sort out any negative comments, queries or other issues – giving you an opportunity to respond and correct any situation.
Contact Us to find out more about our online reputation management services

Social Media Content Ideas

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Attract new customers, build relationships, and grow brand loyalty.

Responsive Design

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How do your clients follow you online? If you are like the thousands of businesses who cannot know what sort of device your clients might use to connect with you at any given time, you need to cover all the bases. Smart phone, tablet, PC, laptop, mini tablet – no matter which way your clients or potential customers do their search, your website has to present a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate portal for that search.

Responsive Design is the answer. Find out what it means to drive [traffic] responsively.

Social Selling – 5 Key Steps

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Attract new customers, build relationships, and grow brand loyalty.

LR Entertainment hits the mark

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LR Entertainment offers top DJs, Dancers, Musicians, Bands and Lighting in South Florida to create a one of a kind event. Entertainment for Weddings to Corporate Events. Sure they’re a client, and they’re also one of the premier entertainment providers in all south Florida.

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