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We’ve all heard the “news” about how website design is dead. The ability to manage and manipulate sophisticated platforms like Web.com, Squarespace, Weebly and dozens of others appears to remove the need for any costly web consultants and designers.

However, the truth about how to create an effective web presence goes well beyond the simple mechanics of website construction. Like building a home, the ability of the architect to understand your specific needs in creating your living space is more important than the construction team and tools used in that home’s creation. Likewise, the neighborhood your choose and your ability to navigate to the services you want or need will always be more important than the walls and floors you use in construction of that home.

In other words, new website design tools may have rendered the old process of custom coding and graphic design obsolete for many businesses, but that has not changed the need for a long-term strategy of how that website is to be used to help those businesses. Website design now more than ever must include that consultative relationship between business owners and Internet Marketing experts because the website itself will never compete effectively on its own.

The first step in Internet Marketing, good website design and development combines:

  • Understanding your business objectives
  • Knowing your target markets
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Internet Marketing
  • Web usability techniques
  • Integrating proven design principles

WSI-WebStrategies considers these items for effective website design:

  • Evaluation of your business objectives and how the internet plays a role in your firm’s overall marketing plan
  • Understanding your target markets, how they obtain information, and how they shop for products and services
  • Deciding what your calls-to-action can be and how website design can incorporate these to improve sales conversions. See Website Design and Conversion Architecture for more about this.

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Don’t put one of your most important marketing tools in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand basic marketing principles and who is not an expert in website design and usability. Call today to learn more about the difference WSI-WebStrategies can make with your website design or website development project.


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