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Over 350┬áMillion Mobile Phone Accounts – Can They Hear You?

Over 80% Are Actively Using Web Search

They’re out there – the millions of mobile phone users who are constantly accessing data. And they have a tendency (over 90% of the time!) to open text messages they receive on their phones.

There are two fundamental differences between traditional (web, media, pring, radio) and social mobile media advertising. The first is that all eFocused media is ‘opt-in’ only, which means marketers must provide their target audience with something that is attractive and relevant to the consumer. Your audience is asking for your information!

The second difference in marketing between eFocused mediums and traditional mediums is the conversational approach that must be taken as it relates to your consumers’ most personal places and devices.

Esite LLC can help you plan and implement marketing initiatives that will enhance your brand interaction and viral possibilities with these factors in mind.

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